Case Studies

The following is a selection of user experience design projects

dev logo.jpg is an online community where programmers learn, share ideas, and find  opportunities. I worked with a team to redesign the entire user experience through research, iteration and implementation. This case study details the introduction of a new sign up and on-boarding process + initial UI redesign. 

Current changes and live iteration can be seen here:


Launched in 2015, letgo is a relatively new peer to peer buying and selling platform that plays the same game as Craigslist but has decided to focus on the app market (one where Craigslist isn’t as strong).  This project is an exploration in how feature integration can greatly improve the user experience of both digital applications and their real world implementation.

letgo logo.jpeg



Recreational Equipment, Inc is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation.  In the age of increasing e-commerce competition, many retailers have to make changes in order to keep up. This project is an expedition into information architecture and how simple changes to the way information is presented can both improve the usability of the site and even open up new revenue streams for a business. 


OpenMic is a concept native app that allows users to book home studios and recording space for independent music ventures. The prototype here is an early look into design thinking, rapid prototyping and paper sketching which is a valuable way to quickly test a product's potential functionality.


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Grocery Guide

Grocery Guide is a concept native app focused on accessibility. The app's aim is to provide assistance to immigrant families or family members dealing with language barriers in budgeting and locating the products that they need when shopping. The app concept is based on an ethnographic study where I found that something as simple as grocery shopping can be a daunting task in New York for someone who does not speak English.