Welcome, friend! 

I'm David Arjun and I am a UX/UI and (digital) product designer working out of New York City. I appreciate and learn from design in all its forms, whether it be natural from the universe around us or natural from the minds of fellow humans. I am passionate about principles of Wabi-sabi, fashion and the great outdoors! You might catch me reading poetry at the Noguchi Museum cafe or checking out the latest in avant garde design at IF Boutique. Regardless of where my roots are currently set, I look at the world as an open school and I am always receptive to a new adventure, wherever it may lie. Recently I have found myself particularly interested in artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality and the implications of emerging technology in our day to day lives.

I am currently working on building out the User Experience process over at The Practical Dev.


This site is still in its seedling phase but you can see some of my work here: